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About us

There are currently many initiatives that focus on the activation of disadvantaged youngsters. These initiatives often have an 'intellectual' angle (tutoring, study grants, etc.) or are linked to 'intellectual' professions (lawyers, doctors, etc.) which means that they unfortunately do not reach all youngsters. There are however also many youngsters who do not do well at school or whose ambitions lie elsewhere!


"Road to Glory" (R2G) is a non-profit organization that wants to encourage underprivileged youngster to engage in intensive kickboxing: a sport in which discipline, (self-)respect and a sense of community are central.


Youngsters who enter the R2G program do not only get coaching on a sporting level, but also receive moral and educational support. The programs have been developed by professionals for the target group.


Through an innovative "rewards program" the youngsters are motivated and rewarded if they participate intensively in the various R2G programs.


Step by step, "Road to Glory" seeks to provide sustainable solutions to existing problems in Belgium's metropolitan areas.


We are confident that our organization can make a positive impact on the lives of R2G youngsters and this thanks to your support!

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