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Three programs, one goal

The R2G program is based on three (closely intertwined) programs:


The Kickboxing Program

With the kickboxing program, R2G offers each youngster a complete and quality kickboxing equipment worth EUR 250, as well as 200 trainings per year. The trainings will take place at Team Mahjoubi in Brussels and will be taught by two trainers:

  • Nabil Mahjoubi - Professional kickboxer, ex-paratrooper, and currently an educator in a high school in Brussels;

  • Johnny Deprettere - Semiprofessional kickboxer and sports teacher in a high school in Brussels.


The Buddy Program

Each youngster who joins the kickboxing project will be assigned a buddy who will be responsible for the moral support of the underprivileged youngster and for ensuring that he or she is heard and believed in. The buddies (reflecting ethnic and gender diversity) will each come from different social classes (lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc.) and will personally train with the youngsters.


Through the buddy program, the youngsters will feel valued. The buddies are also present at the training sessions and therefore team sense will be created and bonds will be forged between the youngsters and the buddies.


The Educational Program

The youngsters can also participate in events, seminars and workshops (organized by R2G in collaboration with its partners and sponsors) that will teach them a set of valuable skills (application skills, oral skills, non-verbal communication, dealing with aggression, etc.) and useful knowledge (courses on offer, overview of shortage occupations, info on how to obtain a degree through an examination board, etc.).

Rewards program

The youngsters who participate intensively in the three programs may receive short-term rewards (e.g. ticket to a kickboxing gala), medium-term rewards (e.g. fitness membership or new kickboxing gloves of their choice) and long-term rewards (e.g., trip to sports camp in Thailand).

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